iCare Data Recovery 3.8

Data loss won't be your headache! As a comprehensive data recovery solution, iCare Data Recovery can easily recover files from wrong formatted drives, unexpectedly file deletion, raw drive or raw filesystem, virus attack, partition deleted, software crash etc.
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75 votes Vote

I do not use IE, therefore the buttons do nothing. Perhaps the software should instead open the default browser. IE has been removed from my machine, since I NEVER use it, so these buttons are useless and any need for help or instructions cannot be m

Ian, 02.07.2010, 14:41
69 votes Vote

Add an option to create a bootable CD or provide one for download.

Cuckoo, 02.07.2010, 14:57
13 votes Vote

Search and mount lost partition.

A useful feature that could search and mount lost partition instead scan for files for undamaged partition, this would greatly shorten the time for recovering files from lost partition, Something like Partition Find & Mount did...
Jim, 02.07.2010, 20:58
10 votes Vote

it would be great if it was intergrated with a virus scanner. I find there's a risk of bringing back those bad viruses again if i recover my USB flash.

kissmich, 02.07.2010, 16:36
7 votes Vote

How did you uninstall IE? I know you can 'remove' it in Windows 7... And you could always visit their website...

The usual groan of Internet Explorer haters... most of them never updated Internet Explorer and therefore think it's bad and ugly-looking... Oh when will they learn?
The PC Tech Guy, 02.07.2010, 15:23
3 votes Vote

add a REFORMAT button.

The program does recover files beautifully. One question though… How does it recover +99% of files from a FAT32 USB-stick which I cannot even access via Win XP Pro SP2. XP can’t even reformat the thing! Keeps requesting to “insert a valid...
Patrick, 03.07.2010, 01:37
3 votes Vote

Allow installation to USB drive with the registration code ON the usb drive; so that a registered user need only install on the USB and could use it for any of his PCs.

JimC, 03.07.2010, 03:51
3 votes Vote

recover the file name with the files

M Lovett, 03.07.2010, 05:11
2 votes Vote

well i just tried it and MY Garmin GPS (drive H) did not show up. The SD card in it DRIVE I did? i deleted some pictures on the GPS and wanted to get them back. Its a Garmin 550 gps that takes pictures..

a picture would help, but Drive H shows on my computer list just like any other drive.. but it does not show in your recovery window. not much more to say. if i could ppaste a screen shoot you could see and beleive me.. tks greg
greg rudowsky, 02.07.2010, 20:25